Tired of posting content that doesn't convert?

It's time to narrow your content strategy and start creating content your audience actually wants.


The thing you dread the most is working days or even months on content, publish it, and hear crickets. Complete silence. You're frustrated, confused, and most of all disappointed. It seems as if you've wasted time, effort, and possibly money for nothing.


As heartbreaking as zero sales are, it's time to craft a better content strategy and improve your process. With a better content strategy, you will attract and communicate only with the people you want to invest in your products and services. An effective process will take those people on a journey that ultimately ends with a sale.


If your content lacks a journey, the Sales Journey Playbook for Creatives will teach you how to create one that takes your audience from awareness interest engagement investment (sale).

Sales Journey Playbook for Creatives is a digital download.

Sales Journey Playbook for Creatives is a digital download.



After establishing your business goals, you will create content to bring awareness to your brand. With the playbook, you will create magnetic content that will start a conversation between your brand and your audience. You will learn exactly how to create your custom content strategy in 4 simple steps, group your audience by the stage their own, and create content for the attention of those members only. The playbook breaks down what kind of content to create based on your target audience and business goals.



After you create magnetic content, you will build interest in your products and services. The playbook will teach you what content to create to attract leads from the audience group you've built and how to take them from from where they are to their intended destination.


Sales Journey Playbook for Creatives is a digital download

Sales Journey Playbook for Creatives is a digital download


The playbook will teach you exactly what to say to nurture your audience and leads with a schedule and templates to customize and use.



Your customized sale journey playbook will include a nurture strategy that will teach you how close sales and enhance the relationship between you and your leads.



After implementing the strategies from this playbook, you will:

  • take your audience from a cold stage of unfamiliarity to a fiery stage of familiarity during the sales journey
  • know exactly what to create + how to promote it
  • know how to nurture your leads as they travel down your sales journey