Brand Audit

Brand Audit


Maybe you had a great idea and decided to start your business but still need direction with branding and online presence. You’ve created your social media accounts, you have a website but  would like to know where your brand stands, how you can create more engagement and how you can make your brand better overall. If this sounds like you, you’re in the right place! We can work together to upgrade and enhance your brand and online presence!


A brand audit is a consultation and overview of your website, social media channels, and blog. I will thoroughly audit your brand and online presence by looking for:


  • Cohesive brand identity across all channels

  • Website functionality on all devices

  • A clear brand message

  • Attractive photos

  • A clear blog focus

  • Consistency


The audit includes:

  • Consultation questionnaire to help me get to know you, your brand and identify your goals. After you submit your answers from the questionnaire, I will review what your intended message is in comparison to your answers. I will create a report of what your perceived message really is across your digital spaces (social, website and blog).

  • A 90-minute brand strategy session (via Google Hangouts or Skype) that will focus on improvements  and opportunities according to the brand synopsis.

  • Blog focus with an actionable worksheets to keep you on track

  • Social media content strategy and actionable plan worksheets


You will get feedback within 48 -72 hours with a very detailed analysis of your brand’s online presence. We will then schedule a skype session for the 90-minute portion of this service.



Bonus resources:

You’ll receive Blogger Cheat Sheets to help build an efficient blog and an Editorial and Content Template (Excel File)



Q: What’s the difference between the Skype Strategy Session and The Brand Audit?


A: The skype strategy session focuses on specific areas of your business that you want to work on. We’ll work together with a focal point solely in the areas you identify that need improvement. This service is less board and more specific to one or two areas of your business.

The brand audit involves a 24-48 evaluation of your online presence. The service focuses on the entire brand across social media, your blog, and website. I will make necessary recommendations according to the perception of your brand message and online presence. This service is more of a broad scope of your business.


Disclaimer: Services are provided at my discretion. All fees paid are non-refundable unless there is a mutual decision to part ways. Scheduling is allowed up to 2 reschedules only (or within reason). Fees are not transferable.


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